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The Odette Roy Fombrun Foundation inaugurated its multi-purpose hall called Espas Konbit FORF, on February 7, 2018, in Pétion-Ville at the premises of the said foundation in Bois Moquette. This room should serve as a sounding board for the foundation’s various projects. These include, among others, the development of the taïnos heritage and musical heritage with the project Songs of Haiti or the creation of the pottery center in “Ravin Sèch”.

In her speech, the director of the foundation, Marie-Claude Fombrun Bayard, said that this new hall will be a hub of interesting activities involving many volunteers and experts. “The FORF has great ambitions. Before the multi-purpose hall, it carried out various interventions in the field. Then they realized, at the foundation level, that this room would allow them to plan broader and more inclusive meetings with different actors and sectors. We plan to develop promising partnerships with educational institutions to encourage the training of trainers in civic morality and citizenship education so necessary today,” she said.

On the occasion of this inauguration, a photo exhibition of the country’s caves was organized. It is based on one of the projects on which the foundation is working. In her speech, Odette Roy Fombrun began by thanking those who helped build their multi-purpose hall. She nicknamed Espas Konbit, salle dynamo, because she always has ideas and projects to take forward. Among other things, this place will allow her to invite young people to reflect.

The centennial took the opportunity to launch two appeals, one to fight litter and the other for the production of wealth. And for this, we must work together. According to her, Haiti must be the historical and cultural center of the Caribbean, because of its history and culture. “We need to organize ourselves, we need konbits, we can’t fight each other, individually, for our best. But we have to think of the country as one. There is no isolated solution. There is no isolated solution,” she says.

The new multi-purpose room will host conferences, exhibitions and training workshops because training is at the heart of FORF’s actions, according to the foundation’s deputy director, Allenby Augustin.

Article by

Glorieuse Nelson

Ticket Magazine

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