Civic Education


Citizenship is a fundamental principle that is indispensable to good manners among citizens and to the good management of the environment and of the nation in general. It must be taught again to young people, students and adults of all ages and social classes.

Although some courses are given in some schools, they are not sufficient to promote citizenship outside the school, especially for adults. FORF is strongly committed to promoting youth programs with certain groups such as the Pastorale Universitaire de Port-au-Prince, FODPECH, Rafinaje, and in post-literacy programs for adults. It distributes a large number of educational materials, including books written in Creole by Odette Roy Fombrun, particularly Dwa ak Dewa tout Ayisyen, Konbit Tèt Ansanm, Ti Koze sou Konstitisyon, Eleksyon an Ayiti, as well as posters promoting the importance of civic actions, encouraging people to vote and highlighting the Haitian flag and our history as a people.

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