Virtual Technology Review in Advanced schooling

Virtual technology is one of the fresh generation of information technologies and has been widely used in education. It is expected that it can bring students a learning knowledge closer to actuality, provide unique learning conditions and change the traditional classroom.

The application of VR in higher education is actually a topic that is actually studied inside the literature. The research outcomes indicate the fact that major items of VR application will be undergraduates, as well as the applications are mostly related to scientific research and engineering, history, drugs, and skill.

Several types of devices can be applied to VR in higher education, which include computers, simulators and head-mounted exhibits. However , the latest device variety is not really comprehensive, and it is difficult to measure the teaching a result of VR in the field of degree.

In addition , the immersion of VR products is bad. The user would not have the feeling that this individual or she is actually in the VR environment, which causes problems for teaching. Therefore , research is needed to enhance the immersion of those devices.

To achieve this, we performed a review of the kind of literature and analyzed it is content. We sorted the literature into three different types: non-immersive, cave-based and fully immersive.

Immersion refers to the extent to which a computer display has the ability to of offering an inclusive, intensive, surrounding, and brilliant illusion of reality. Additionally, it considers the number of sensory modalities, the width on the environment as well as the resolution and accuracy within the display.

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